World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2021: “End Inequalities, End AIDS”.

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World AIDS Day 2021 comes with the mark of 40 years since the first case of HIV/AIDS reported before us. Here I am going to talk about the theme of World AIDS Day 2021 that is “End Inequalities, End AIDS”. I am trying to highlight the facts under the theme of World AIDS Day 2021.

Inequalities amongst the HIV/AIDS infected people is a virus itself, it is a social stigma which attached with it and greatly affecting people. It also comes during the pandemic Covid-19 which has worsened inequalities and impacted emotionally to those people who are living with HIV/AIDS especially in terms of access to treatment and health services.

Earlier, as we were not aware well regarding this but what now, even after getting aware of the facts of HIV/AIDS we are doing the same things with infected people? What kind of awareness we are getting and what kind of trust we have in our science and especially where is our educational level which is not capable yet to build up our confidence level within us?

Further, the HIV epidemic is not only affected the health of individuals but also its impacted households, communities as well as development of nations. Only celebration of any international day does not matter in our lives there must be implementation according to the theme of all international days.

Let us give people hope that the United Nations Organization acknowledges the struggles what they faced during the awareness of HIV/AIDS so that we could stop spreading inequalities amongst infected people and starts supporting them with love and affection so that they can live their lives happily.

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